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  • Silk lining

  • Pendant light

  • White Tiffany chair

  • Rustic table

  • 12m x 21m all clear marquee

  • Plates and cutlery

Magical marquee wedding.

How to create a magical marquee wedding? Hiring a marquee to host your wedding is a great solution to finding the perfect venue - whether it's in your own back garden, or in the grounds of park or venue location a marquee is a perfect wedding venue.

This stunning wedding reception in our all clear marquee with silk lining as styled by our client (and their family!) with our rustic tables, white Tiffany chairs.

If you have the space, a marquee wedding at home can be simply magical. A little unsure about a marquee wedding contact our team to chat about your options.

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  • 10m x 24m all clear marquee

  • Deluxe floor

  • Cross back chairs

Glamour at Centennial Park.

Set at Sydney's Centennial Park Homestead, our marquee was transformed into a enchanted wonderland. Organised by the Centennial Homestead function team our all clear marquee with deluxe flooring doesn't get much better than this.

feature image
  • 12m all clear marquee

  • Deluxe floor

  • 12 arm Chandelier

  • White padded folding chair

  • Tables

  • Table linen

Simplicity at its finest.

Adorned with beautiful florals, our marquee comes to life at this private property.

There’s so much flexibility when you host your wedding reception in a marquee - you essentially get to ‘build’ and decorate your own wedding venue, and that's exactly what our clients did.