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When you have a large number of guests turning up to your party, don't be caught short by not having enough equipment to heat and serve your food. Most kitchens are designed for a family and a few visitors and can makle it very difficult to cater for large numbers of people. Our food warmers are very popular for heating finger food or curries, casseroles and soups. Why not hire a 20 litre urn, set it up early and it will run all night providing hot water for tea and coffee. All our equipment is supplied clean and in good order, we ask you to return it that way, so we can maintain a high standard for our next customers.

Bain Marie with Inter-changeable Trays
Bain Marie with Inter-changeable Trays$70.00
Stainless Steel Bar
Stainless Steel Bar$110.00
BBQ Spatula
BBQ Spatula$10.00
Salad Bowl
Salad Bowl$3.00
Cake Stand
Cake Stand$11.00
Chafing Dish
Chafing Dish$39.00
Double Deep Fryer
Double Deep Fryer$120.00
Ice Chest 150lt
Ice Chest 150lt$50.00
Esky - 55 litre
Esky - 55 litre$18.00
Ice Barrel
Ice Barrel$20.00
Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket$3.00
Ice Bucket with Stand
Ice Bucket with Stand$8.00
Ice Tubs
Ice Tubs$5.00
Beer Jug
Beer Jug$3.00
Water Jug
Water Jug$5.00
Pie Oven - 6 Drawer
Pie Oven - 6 Drawer$70.00
Glass Front Pie Oven
Glass Front Pie Oven$70.00
Platter - Large
Platter - Large$2.00
Platter - Medium
Platter - Medium$2.00
Platter - Small
Platter - Small$2.00
Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot$5.00
Coffee Plunger
Coffee Plunger$10.00
Soup Tureen
Soup Tureen$8.00
Waiters Tray
Waiters Tray$2.00
Percolating Urn
Percolating Urn$50.00
20 Lt Hot Water Urn
20 Lt Hot Water Urn$35.00
Wine Cooler
Wine Cooler$3.00

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